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Hardwood Flooring in Prince Frederick, MD

hardwood flooring

Installing hardwood flooring in your home is one of the smartest investments you can make as a homeowner. Hardwood floors are durable, eco-friendly, and visually striking, lending natural appeal to anyone looking for style, ease of maintenance, or a combination of both. This multipurpose flooring option provides classic style at a highly competitive price.

We have many varieties of solid and engineered hardwood flooring in stock and ready to order, and our flooring experts can help you find the materials that best suit your needs for lifestyle, performance, and price. Our professional hardwood flooring installation team works on your schedule and makes the most out of your investment with quality work and attention to detail.

Select from our vast catalogue of solid and engineered hardwoods. We offer many different styles ranging from high-end to economical, all of which are high-quality and multi-purpose. Let us give you a tour of our showroom where you’ll find a diverse selection of industry-leading brands, including the following and more:

Solid Hardwood Flooring: a Classic Choice

For the classic floors you’ve always wanted for your house, take a look at our wide selection of solid hardwood flooring. Solid planks are milled from logs of a single variety of hardwood, including hardwood and softwood species.

These planks are one of the most durable types of flooring and can last a lifetime with proper care. If you’ve ever visited a 19th century estate or any other old building and it had hardwood floors, then you probably walked on the original floors that were installed. Sweeping and mopping is all it takes to maintain these floors, with an option to refinish the planks every few decades or as desired. Depending on the thickness of the floor you select, you could refinish your floor as many as a dozen times. This type of flexibility means that your floors can change as your home changes, and it will never go out of style.

Natural wood is sensitive to moisture, and solid hardwood planks naturally expand and contract in response to changes in humidity. For this reason, this flooring option is best used in low-moisture environments, making it a great fit for living rooms, dining rooms, offices, bedrooms, and more.

Installing solid hardwood planks is one of the easiest ways you can increase the value of your home. If you’re ever planning on selling your house, you can rest easy knowing that you can enjoy your solid hardwood floors for as long as you want, and then collect your return when you eventually sell.

The Benefits of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Don’t let the term “engineered” fool you -- engineered hardwood is still real wood! Engineered hardwood flooring is typically comprised of high-density fiberboard (HDF) as the base layer with the real hardwood on the surface. HDF is less porous and more rigid than real wood, making it less likely to warp in areas with more humidity. This type of flexibility makes this material ideal for any room in your house, including bathrooms, kitchens, and even basements.

Consider this cost-efficient option for the upper floors of your home or humid areas. It comes in hand-scraped and wire brushed varieties, making it a great choice when you want a rustic look or a modern distressed-wood style. Our store carries engineered hardwood in numerous wood species including foreign and domestic.

Installing engineered hardwood is another great investment in your home. Homeowners benefit from a high level of performance as well as an all-natural wood surface. Maintenance is equally simple as it is with solid hardwood, and the homeowner can still expect decades of appeal and durability.

Hardwood Floors for Busy Households

Families in active households, particularly with young children and pets, may be hesitant to invest in hardwood flooring, but by choosing the right style or level of hardness, you can still enjoy a beautiful wood floor. Distressed hardwood hides damages well, as further wear only adds to the floors appeal. A hard hickory typically wears down slower than the softer pine, but the style and finish on the wood will also impact the type of performance you should expect.

Let us know what you need from your floor. We’re committed to personalizing your shopping experience, and want to make sure that you’re confident about your purchase. Even if you already have a strong idea of what you’re looking for, we’re happy to help you find what you’re looking for. We’ll provide you with objective and sound advice regarding our floors, the quality of the finish, hardness, color, and much more.

We carry many options of hardwood floors for busy families that make it the right choice for even the most high traffic areas of the home. From showing you lighter styles that hide scratches to leading you to the right finish, the flooring specialists on our team use their expertise to inform and guide every customer. Some of the tips our flooring professionals pass along to you include:

  • Choosing a Wood that Is Not Known for Being Soft
  • Investing in Flooring that can Be Sanded as Needed
  • Considering Distressed Hardwood that Hides Damage Better
  • Checking Out the Wood You May Choose on a Hardness Scale
  • Choosing a Style that Has a Strong Grain Pattern
  • Selecting a Matte or Satin Finish that Shows Wear Less

Hardwood Flooring Installation on Your Schedule

New hardwood floors are a great investment in your home, but it’s not exactly a small one. Professional hardwood flooring installation protects your investment, ensuring your new floor is even and smooth. Warranties don’t typically cover installation errors, meaning you’ll have to buy more flooring to fix problems. When our installers perform the work, you are guaranteed for life if there are ever any installation-related issues.

This investment deserves the best care to ensure your 100% satisfaction. All of our hardwood flooring installation is covered by our lifetime installation guarantee. For added certainty, take advantage of our Confidence Plus Warranty on Four- and- Five-Star hardwood flooring. If, after 30 days, you are not absolutely happy with your new floors, we will replace it with flooring of equal value at no cost to you.

Properly installed hardwood flooring adds significant value to your home. Hiring our licensed pros gives you peace of mind that your floor is installed correctly the first time. Our business is locally owned, and the installers we work with are experienced contractors from our area. You can expect quality workmanship and attention to detail.



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