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Vinyl Flooring in Prince Frederick, MD

Vinyl Flooring in Prince Frederick, MD

Pick the most versatile flooring choice to improve rooms in your home. At our company, we offer an endless selection of vinyl flooring to enhance your home or business. We have products available in a wide variety of beautiful colors and styles that will fit any design plan. Our experts help you pick the right item for your property when you choose to do any of the following:

  • Visit Our Store Location to Review Our Merchandise in Person

  • Shop with Us Conveniently Online

  • Contact Us via Phone to Have a Vinyl Tile Flooring Product Brought to You

Our friendly sales team wants to assist you as much as possible. We are well trained and knowledgeable about all of our product options. Additionally, we can help you with having your new vinyl sheet flooring installed as well. Turn to us today to have your flooring needs taken care of.

Providing You High-Quality Vinyl Tile Flooring

Our manufacturers have found numerous ways to improve vinyl tile flooring, so our customers can have more stylish and durable floors. By using the latest technology strengthens, our products are able to stand up to heavy traffic. They are also resistant to scratches and can withstand water. When it comes to patterns and styles, numerous options are available. We emboss all of our products, which helps us create all kinds of stylish designs and looks. Embossing allows us to make vinyl that resembles stone, ceramic, and wood. This way, you’re able to get the timeless look you want without paying an expensive price for it.

In addition, you can use vinyl in any room of your home. From the basement or TV room, to the bathroom and the kitchen, these floors look fantastic in any space. Cleaning this surface option is extremely easy as well. All you have to do is sweep or mop it to maintain its stunning appearance. Add a material to your floors that is safe for your family by choosing vinyl sheet flooring. If you have active pets and young kids, this covering option is hard wearing and resilient. It is also extremely comfortable to walk on. One option you can pick, fiberglass-backed floating sheet vinyl, provides a cushiony feeling underfoot. It is perfect to use in living rooms, dens, game rooms, and other entertainment areas.

Vinyl plank flooring, also known as LVP, is very elegant. Priced affordably, this flooring option is perfect to use when you’re upgrading your home. If you want the appearance of elegant hardwood but find that your budget falls short, this is a perfect alternative. Currently, the most popular trend with LVT is using planks that have the look of real wood. Just like actual wood, the vinyl planks have grain, knots, and the texture of trees. These floors offer elegance to any room in your home, and we carry a number of species to choose from.  

Another trend that you may want to try is using luxury vinyl tile that looks like stone or ceramic. These two looks will give your floors a modern appeal. You’ll love how they’ll make your furniture and walls pop

Maintaining the Cleanliness of Your Vinyl Floors

Keep your newly installed vinyl flooring clean by utilizing our easy tips. We want your vinyl floors to stay looking terrific and last for many years. Our maintenance tips and recommendations include:

  • Place Doormats in front of Entrances – The mats will trap dirt and other types of debris, so it can’t be tracked onto your floors.

  • Sweep Your Floors Regularly – By sweeping often, you can remove grime that wasn’t caught by the doormats.

  • Use an Environment-Friendly Cleaning Solution When Mopping – To make your floors gleam, use a water and vinegar mixture  to mop your floors. This solution can be made with equal parts of both ingredients.

  • Clean Up Spills Quickly – Wiping up a leak or spill right after it happens will prevent stains.

  • Always use nonabrasive cleaning tools – Abrasive products, such as scouring pads, can scratch your floor. By using items like soft sponges, you can clean floors in a gentle manner.

Quick & Efficient Vinyl Floor Installation

Have beautiful vinyl flooring put into any room of your home by hiring our team. With our assistance, you can satisfy your decorating plans and your family's lifestyle requirements. Our professionals know that preparation is essential to a long-lasting installation. For this reason, we’ll plan your home improvement project down to the very last detail. Our aim is to take our time and complete your job perfectly.  When we arrive at your location, we’ll have our tools ready. Each of our specialists is fully capable of using our industry-recommended equipment to complete your vinyl floor installation. We’ll come into your home and remove your existing flooring and molding. From there, our experts will prepare your subfloor. We’ll then lay down your new flooring material, using a strong adhesive to attach it to the subfloor. After everything is put in, the molding is reinstalled. We then make sure everything has been done correctly. It will take at least 24 hours for the adhesive on the flooring to dry. Once it has dried, you can move furniture back into the room.

One of our top priorities is to provide you with some of the best flooring products in America. This is why we offer a large selection of quality products that are priced very reasonably. Vinyl flooring will bring all the elements of your décor together. By purchasing it from us, you’ll spend less than you would pay anywhere else! We enjoy helping you save money. Our team wants you to be 100% satisfied with the work we complete for you. When you turn to us for installation assistance, we’ll do what it takes to get the job done right. We’ll also treat your property with respect while we’re working on your floors. In addition, our installation specialists will repair any floor for free (for life) if there is an installation-related issue.


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